DIY: Smoke pictures

Is making a hell of a weather where I live right now, so practicing photography outside of the house wasn’t exactly a choice for me. Too cold, kinda dark, and above all too rainy, so if I can avoid wandering around under the rain without a clear purpose in mind I will do it. And still I want to practice my photogrpahy and see what happens and try new things, and that’s why I have started reading about still life photography, and I decided to give it a try to smoke photography.

Before I tell you anything, as I have said, I am starting and I have no current job, so that means I also have no incomes, therefore I have no speedlights, or a flashgun, or any kind of off-camera flash light, of any kind. Even my on-camera flash is my old grandpa’s one! But I have decided that’s not going to stop me, and I will still keep on trying.

So I am going to tell you how I did, might not be the most spectacular smoke pictures ever, but was a nice try and a nice practice, in the end, I am a newbie, aren’t I? If making awesome low budget photography were that easy everybody will do.

1. Get your set ready. I used incense for the smoke, got a black card board for the contrast with the white smoke, and a desk light to add some light to the smoke so it can pop out a little bit more.

My homemade set

2. Set your camera with a high speed and don’t be afraid on turning up your ISO, I went to 400, and probably next time I’ll turn it a lil bit up and the shutter speed also. I also tried to get the autofocus but it didn’t work for me, so I was focusing manually, which might be kinda hard AND a good practice at the same time.

3. Light on the incense sticks, let the smoke play around, or blow it to make more forms, and get ready. Now, all you have to do is shoot and have fun!!

One of my smoke pictures

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