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Yay! Jenna!
Yay! Jenna!

Yesterday was a blast! I was able to win Jenna Martin’s 52 weeks challenge with my last smoke photography, and I am all over the place with the excitement. And is nice to participate in this challenge, and has being nice to met photographers and newbies like myself there. So don’t hesitate to join, and follow me on Instagram so we can keep sharing!

And all this photographers featuring and creating challenges, and building communities, made me think, and following the spirit of Lady Caroline and her blog and movement Sharing it forward (which I really recomend you to follow, or at least give it a look to it, because it is amazing for learning and looking for resources) this week I have the honor of making my frist give away for you! Dear readers and friends!!

I’ve created on Dropbox a file folder with some of my best smoke photographs so you can use it if you want to try out this thing called smoke photography! Or even smoke art photography! Again, they have a little bit of grain, but they work really fine and they will be a great practice in case you want to try!

Basically, the thing here is, I am sharing this with you, ALL of you, for free, hoping you can use them and you can do cool stuff with them, improving your photography one step at a time. All I ask in return is for you to use them wisely, and don’t try to sell them (even if I am not sure you could do that but, cmon, just in case you’re smarter than I am… I am trying to be nice here! And I am learning and things, that’s already hard enough)  The second thing I want to ask you back is that you share it! I’d so love to see your work, and what are you able to do with my pictures, and how are you using them! That will make me madly happy!

I am leaving you here a couple examples of my artwork with these smoke photographs, and also so you can see what you can do with this pictures in case you need some inspiration. Of course what I am showing here is my work and I am just starting, which is good for those of you who also don’t know where to start learning their way to the whole smoke photography art.


Bandeira de Galicia
Bandeira de Galicia

Who killed Roger Rabbit?

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  1. I am so excited to use these smoke images! Thank you so much for the share!

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    1. Nucky Dana says:

      OMG! You’re more than welcome! Hope you find them useful and I can’t wait to see what you can do with them! :)


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