Stock: Fireworks

NCK_6299Some time has past since the last time I gave something for you guys to train some photoshop skills as I am doing, and I think you’re gonna love this new free stock give away, I hadn’t use it yet, but I think is pretty dope and you might find it useful for bazillions of happy and celebration ideas. Again, I am still following the spirit of Lady Caroline and her blog and movement Sharing it forward (I still highly recomend you to follow, or give it a look to it, because it is amazing for learning and looking for resources) So let the give aways continue, dear readers and friends!!

I’ve another folder on Dropbox with some fireworks photographs so you can use them if you want to add it to some backgrounds, or add to parties, use it as Jubilee’s kind of superpowers, I don’t know! Sky’s the limit! So many possibilities just waiting for you to try!

Basically, the thing here is, I am sharing this with you, ALL of you, for free, hoping you can use them and you can do cool stuff with them, improving your photography one step at a time. All I ask in return is for you to use them wisely, and don’t try to sell them (even if I am not sure you could do that but, cmon, just in case you’re smarter than I am… I am trying to be nice here! And I am learning and stuff, that’s already hard enough)  The second thing I want to ask you back is that you share it! I’d so love to see your work, and what are you able to do with my pictures, and how are you using them! That will make me madly happy!

I am leaving you here a couple examples of what you can find on that folder and I’d love to see what you guys can come up with!


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